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Smurf “The O.G.”

Smurf, a Trinidadian native, was raised in Queens, NY. He is the co-founder of rap group G-Unit, lead by hip-hop heavyweight Curtis “50Cent” Jackson. His stardom never reached its zenith, since he was deported from the states a decade ago.

Zoi “The Foreigner”

Zoi, the original boobookie, she’s considered the talkative, funny “Yanky” with loads of personality. A North Carolina native, Zoi moved to Trinidad from New York after her father passed.

Gevelle “The Playa”

Gevelle is a well known actress and television producer in Trinidad. She is very forward with her sexuality and is quite the potty mouth. As Zoi’s business partner, she manages to keep Zoi’s life in check while creating a mess in her own.

Jose “The Tenderoni”

Jose Freedom is a Trinidadian born singer and dancer. He dances professionally while pursuing his own music career.

Big Kev “The Bodyguard”

Kevin was raised in Boston, but returned to Trinidad in his later years. He is the go-to security guard for all the top artists when they visit Trinidad. He is also never shy about telling everyone who he has worked with.

Denice “The Singer”

Denice Millien is a talented singer and songwriter from Trinidad. She has worked with many artists from an array of musical genres including Machel Mantano, Sizzla, and Trinidad James. Denice can be found in the studio, since she is currently working on her upcoming EP.

Mr. Renzo “The Wildcard”

Mr. Renzo is a Latin-born Trinidadian that has skyrocketed on the Soca music scene. Even though he is currently one of the most top sought-after artists in Trinidad, he strives for the international appeal. He has also signed singer Neniita as his artist.

Juliana “The Vixen”

Juliana is a Trinidadian born young entrepreneur. She currently holds the role of a Plastic Surgery Consultant and is also the owner of a successful online clothing store and hair extension company.